The value of faith and belief!

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“Life is a blank canvas,
and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.”

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Everyone hates the evil, but no one is born evil. The ancients said, evil is sometimes non-evil, and kind is sometimes non-kind. Sometimes the kind support the evil, and sometimes the evil serves being kind ... As the saying goes, kind people tend to be bullied, and tame horses was ridden by people. When you feel helpless, you thought of no protest, instead you told yourself to tolerate. Then there will be the first oppression from the evil and without resistance, which would lead to a second oppression, a three, four, five, six ... times of oppression. Then the more sweetness the wicked tasted, the more arrogant the evil would be. Therefore, the world's evil are spoiled by the kind.


Now it’s turn to say something about the society after talking about people. Since ancient times, the emperor has worshiped two things: one is the Buddha, the other one is Confucianism. Buddhism teaches you to accept the destiny. After being bullied, the Buddha said: be patient, be tolerant, ignore him, and observe him quietly. Confucianism is makes you be obedient. In the face of the emperor, each one should worship him with September call-in three-worship (a traditional way to solute the emperor). So in the Feudal dynasty, the emperor can decide the world's life and death, but in fact, as long as a few people unite together, they can kill the emperor. The reason why emperor had supreme power is that the emperor control human thinking with Confucian culture, rather than possessing unique ability. So what the people worship on bended knees is not the person, it is the right, the hierarchy.


 With the long-term and sole worship of Confucianism, higher level rather than the lower level, universal love of all people, maintaining the relationship between monarch and subject etc., people have developed a mentality of being managed. When they were bullied, they took that for granted. Lu Xun said that the coward tend to bully the weaker ones, which leads to the results of people's serious lack of philosophy and faith. Why modern civilization was born in the West, rather than the East? It is precisely because the Western philosophy brought the idea that equality exists before the truth. Faith turns all people equal before God - Everyone is equal facing law. In a society of free thoughts, everyone can become Aristotle, and everyone can create knowledge, which opened a magnificent Enlightenment and the publication of Encyclopedia that laid the foundation for the industrial take-off.


So in order to become strong, first of all you should become self-independent that is the equality and independence of personality. Do not superstitiously worship anyone. Saints do not die, then the thieves will stay alive(an old saying in Chinese means that do not worship saints blindly). Firmly believe that humans can and should manage themselves. The society which is controlled by the wicked will soon be changed if these basic beliefs and ideas are set up and everyone can make their own decision. Gramsci said that the bad habits of the rulers are developed by the ruled. To seek social justice, the ruled ones can not silently accept the draconian laws enacted by the rulers.



 In the United States, a US citizen killed a corrupt officials who caused public outrage out of indignation in 1765. Then Franklin, as one of the founding fathers, came forward to defend for the citizen. He believed that "if the US government can not stop the acts of corruption officials, the people have the right to use guns to control the corruption." That’s why US laws doesn’t forbid people to carry guns. Washington also said, the greatest rights  “I give to the American citizens today is the freedom to have guns! If one day you think this government failed, you have the right to take up guns to aim at every official and let them get out!” Who else dared to say this in the world ?

  在美国,1765年,一美国公民出于义愤把一位引起民众公愤的贪官给杀了,当时作为美国开 国元勋之一的富兰克林挺身而出,为其辩护。他认为,“如果美国政府制止不了官员贪腐的行为,人民就有权力用枪替他管。”美国法律之所以不禁枪,是因为这个道理。华盛顿也说过,我现在赋给美国公民最大的权利,就是自由的拥有枪支!假如有一天你们觉得这个政府不合格了,你们就有权力拿起枪瞄准每一个官员,让他们滚蛋!世上有哪位统治者敢说这么牛B的话?

Therefore, we can not simply say the human nature is good or evil. They just have the power to be good, and also the potential to be evil, which all depends on how you guide just as water. The water is faith and belief. As for the law and the system, they are derived tools, which can make apes become human being, but which are useless for cats and dogs for beasts are always beasts. The value of the faith and belief is prior to be understood.

 所以说,人性非善非恶,只是有向善之力,也有向恶之能 ,如水,全看你如何引导。这水就是信仰与信念。至于法律、制度,都是衍生的工具,工具的确可以让猿便成人,但丢给猫猫狗狗一堆工具,过多少年他们也仍是走兽。信仰与信念的价值,才是首要所唤醒的。


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