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Goddess Of Liberty Group,USA

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With its headquarters located in Las Vegas, USA, Goddess of Liberty Group Ltd. (GLG) has presented to the public an image of a diversified company, which is committed to a series of businesses including entertainment city, financial industry, modern shopping malls and tourism etc. As people’s living standards substantially improved, the company locates itself in providing individualized, humanized, customized services in order to meet different needs of modern people. Meanwhile, the Research & Development Team of the company has designed a newly emerging type of business model and commercial solution to supply its clients with credible and high-quality investments, financial managements and more diversified services. Furthermore, combined with entertainment and financial authorities, it has gained a flourished development in multiple regions around the globe, and won a good reputation at the same time. During the past few years, the income for gaming and entertainment industry has gained significant growth every year, and we have definitely entered a brand-new service-oriented era. In 2016, with the spread of the new type of Internet and the depth of the global integration, the global entertainment service industry has developed and reached an all-time high, meanwhile gained a year-on-year growth of thirty percent or above. 

With the wide spreading of the business of Goddess of Liberty Ltd. (GLG), we have fully entered into the utmost potential industry. The GLG is showing a diversified trend ,under the leading concept of merging resource integration and capital operation. Moreover, its business has been developed within a worldwide range, including America, Russia, Philippines, Cambodia, Canada, Britain, Germany, China, Sri Lanka etc., altogether 149 countries. At present, the GLG has made a huge investment in Southeastern Asia to undertake more businesses there, which meanwhile has stimulated the creation of jobs, and dedicated to social development.

Address:6138 Meadowgrass Lane,Las Vegas,USA,89103